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Hello, my name is Nick Beristain and I am currently a student at Moraine Valley Community College studying Business Management. I have been DJ’ing for six years and I LOVE IT! I finally found something that I am proud of. I thoroughly enjoy the feeling I get when I mix beats together to create a sound so perfect. I genuinely enjoy spending time with a wide variety of people and enjoy celebrating their special events with them.

In the fall of 2005 I joined Tone Productions and I really believe in the way they run their business. All of my fellow employees at Tone Productions are concerned about the quality of service they lend to a celebration. We strive to make each and every wedding unforgettable. Our main concern is the bride and groom, and their needs for their special day.

My boss, Dan Colantone says, “The key to success is the pre-planning of the event,” and I totally agree with that 100%. Tone Production’s main goal starts with the planning stage and doesn’t end until the last dance at your wedding. We cover the smallest of details from verifying the pronunciation of the names of the bridal party, to guaranteeing that the banquet hall and vendors know the schedule of events.  Tone Productions is dedicated to your needs and strives to have your celebration run seamlessly.

In addition to being a DJ assistant for Tone Productions and attending school full-time, I now work full-time for Tone in the office as a music programmer and editing remixer. My dreams include; becoming a main DJ for Tone Productions and owning my own Limousine Service. Dan Colantone, the owner of Tone Productions, told me that I reminded him of himself when he was my age and that means a lot to me. This statement made me feel as if I am on the right track in achieving my personal goals.

-- Nick

DJ B, you will be missed...



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