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Jim Rafferty
Hi! My name is Jim Rafferty.  My wife & I Cathy have two beautiful daughters, Jenna and Alexa.  I have been a Wedding DJ since October of 1995, celebrating DJ’ing 22 years this October, an awesome feeling! 
I was inspired to be a DJ by some friends that were wedding DJ’s years before I started.  I first developed a love for DJing through my desire to work in the radio industry.  I started an eight month training session to develop my skills so that I could DJ on my own.   Since then, I have DJed over 750 parties, including weddings, birthday parties, block parties and school dances. 

I joined Tone Productions a few years ago. When I joined Tone Productions Team, I spent a couple months reviewing my skills and learning new things in order to become a better skilled DJ. My goal is to be the best DJ for your event.
A significant percentage of my DJ experience has been entertaining at weddings. A couple’s wedding day is the important start to the beginning of the new chapter in their lives.  It is my goal to make sure that it is everything that you hoped and dreamed for. I will pay attention to every personal detail of your special day. My goal is to be as interactive as you would like me to be. I will focus on your music requests and any other important details throughout the evening.  It is my intention for everyone at the reception to have an enjoyable time that they will talk about long after the evening is over.

 It would be my honor and privilege to be a part of your special day and to cater to your needs. 


 - Jim






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